YE in Armenia: Get active, get healthy, get involved


Key information:

  • Erasmus+ Key action 1: Youth Exchange
  • Topic of the exchange: Sport, health, active citizenship
  • Venue: Abovyan, Armenia
  • Dates:

    The project dates were moved to October 2018. Exact dates will be specified soon.

  • Hosting organization: Future in Our Hands Armenia – see website
  • Sending organization: Proactive Mind Czech Republic
  • Number of people from the Czech Republic: 5 participants + 1 group leader
  • Age of participants: All participants should be in age range 18 – 23 years old
  • What is included: The project is funded from Erasmus+ programme. Accomodation, food and activities durin the project are cover by organizers.
  • Travel expenses of Czech participants will be reimbursed after the project up to 270 EUR per person.
  • Infopack: AlternativeWellnessClinic (1)


How to apply:

Fill this registration form and send it to until 30.5.2018.

Get active Armenia – Registration Form2018

Selected participants will be notified until 4.6.2018.

If selected for the youth exchange, you are obligated to confirm your participation within 24h from receiving the email. Your place will be otherwise offered to other candidates.

Selected particants will be obligated to buy travel tickets before 10.6.2018.


Description of the project:

This multilateral Youth Exchange called “Get active, Get Healthy, Get Involved” will be organized from the 10-19 of July in Abovyan, Armenia.
The title of the project even give the main idea of the project.
Get active-We want to promote active citizenship and healthy lifestyle through physical activities including sport, outdoor activities and different workshops.
Get involved-The other aim is to promote healthy lifestyle and pushing youngsters to bring it into their daily life.Get Involved-This is also part of active citizenship, but we want also youngster with fewer opportunities to be involved in social life and similar activities.
According to the chosen themes, we aim to encourage young people to reflect on European topics and to involve them in the discussion on the construction and the future of the European Union. It could be reached in provided workshops and games. One of the examples is city game, which can have a strong influence on better communication between European citizens and participants from partner countries.
They will learn different kind of things: establishing, managing, delivering sport and physical activities to the local areas, which will in its turn be reflected by EU society. The project will promot healthy lifestyles through physical activities including sport and at the time will raise cultural awareness of participant. They’ll learn about traditions and cultures of different countries.As it is mentioned before, prepared programme of Youth Exchange will help to foster social inclusion. Sport activities and traditional games will have a direct impact on active participation of young people in society.
Our project involves participants from different cultures, ethnic and religious backgrounds. While participating in the project all of them will get possibility to develop the inter-cultural learning. During mentioned activities young people will practice to share respectful and sensitive viewpoints that perpetuate inequality or discrimination. Taking into consideration the fact that not all knows about Erasmus+, though this project we want to address the youngsters with fewer opportunities to be involved and get to know the possibilities that they have. At the same time they stand as ambassadors of promoting Erasmus+ projects among their friends. Also we found a big issue the passive lifestyle of the youngsters, who spend most of the time in front of the laptops and in Virtual Life.
During these 8 days the participants will share their culture and traditions, will discover the similarities and diversity of cultures presented on youth exchange project. The project takes an asset based, person centered approach to getting inactive people into sport, into healthy, active lifestyle and social inclusion.
The project seeks to explore methods to remove barriers that exist for the least active people in partner countries in relation to participating in sport, physical activities. It hopes to initiate a change in culture whereby inactive people take small steps to being active in society, feeling encouraged to take part in sport and physical activity in an environment where they feel welcome and comfortable,  and getting to know about healthy lifestyle.
The project has wide topic, so through the main activities of the project we will develop
-international cooperation
-Social dialogue
-different key competencies including the youngsters with fewer opportunities
-intercultural dialogue
-Peace building
All the above mentioned theme impacts are closely connected to the aims of the Erasmus + project. Non-formal education methodology is a base of all activities that fosters the active involvement of the participants. It creates a space for peer education and allows the mutual learning situations on equal basis despite the cultural, educational or social background. The goal is to share already dying traditions and share them through youth in modernized way.
One of the main tasks of the project is to promote young people’s active citizenship in general and their European citizenship in particular.
The work with young people will be directed not only to participants from EU but also from partner countries. Another project’s aim is to develop solidarity and promote tolerance among young people, in particular in order to foster social cohesion in the European Union.
Moreover this Youth Exchange will foster mutual understanding between participants from different countries and will promote international cooperation. At the same time young people will get possibility to destroy existing stereotypes and improve communication between their countries. According to the aim to promote European cooperation in the youth field, youth people will be stimulated by project to reflect on the essential characteristics of European society and cooperation between their countries, in particular.

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