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Do you have some business idea in your mind but don’t feel like starting yet? Is it because you are missing courage or some skills? Or do you simply need the final push and a business plan on the canvas? Well, that was the case of 30 likeminded young people and youth workers in Blansko, CZ in December 2019. An intense week full of workshops turned ideas into solid business plans and strangers into great friends!

Key information:

  • Erasmus+ Key action 1: Training course
  • Topic of the exchange: Entrepreneurship
  • Venue: Blansko, Czech Republic
  • Dates:  8.12-15.12.2019
  • Hosting organization: Proactive Mind Czech Republic
  • Partner organizations: VagaMondo, TBC, IDA, Future in Our Hands, DIVERSAWAY, League of Youth Voluntary Service
  • Number of countries: 7
  • Number of participants: 30


Involved countries and partners:

  • Italy – Vagamondo
  • Lithuania – We Go Project
  • Croatia – IDA
  • Armenia – FIOH
  • Belarus – LYVS
  • Georgia – DIVERSAWAY

What was the project about?

The aim of this training course is to positively change the attitudes of young people towards each of the basic principals of entrepreneurship. To provide you with knowledge and competence which would help you to decide whether you are the right one for opening your own business. To eventually help you with your first entrepreneurial steps.


Key activities:

  • Teambuildings and city games
  • Presentation skills
  • Finance: Fund it
  • Marketing: Get it out there
  • Project management: Track the way
  • Business Model canvas
  • Business Idea Generation: Make it work


Final video from the TC Entrevolution

The success story:

“I’ve learned so much about myself!”

“I will remember this forever!”

“Now I know I can make it.”

“Thank you very much! I would not experience this elsewhere.”

These are some of the reactions of participants of the E+ training course Entrevolution organized by Proactive Mind.

Participants enjoy a packed agenda full of workshops (focused  on self development, soft and hard skills), field trips to interesting places, meetups with successful entrepreneurs, and mainly developing own business ideas, plans, making the first steps happen.

“We wanted to create an environment, where participants can discover and develop their  business ideas, and gain tools and skills to make it happen. It is not only about passing the knowledge from trainers, but mainly about each of them.” says the main organizer.

The Workshop and the whole project was fully led with non-formal education.


Gallery of photos from the Entrevolution TC:


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